Month: October 2013

  • Privacy is een functie van veiligheid

    – Dit blog verscheen eerder bij Data denkers, een site van het Rathenau Instituut. –Deze week bleek dat zelfs de mobiele telefoon van Angela Merkel wellicht doel was van de aftappraktijken van de NSA. Douwe Schmidt vraagt zich af of het opgeven van onze privacy wel daadwerkelijk bijdraagt aan een veiligere samenleving, en waar wij […]

  • Quantifying yourself without giving it all away

    One new project just cropped up in my mind: I’d like to quantify myself more. You know, keep track of my sleeping and moving patters so I can learn and improve them. But all the stuff I find online, by Nike or by Fitbit, requires you to register online and compare results and blah blah […]

  • Privacy Policy

    Just installed Piwik and wanted to let you know that. #foundprivacy #optout #software

  • Why Glenn Greenwald’s new media venture is a big deal

    There’s too much information out there for most people to pay attention to, let alone figure out whether they believe it or not. Hence, most people rely on other institutions such as media organizations to tell them which information is worth caring about. Not only do people not pay much attention to information until it […]

  • Slow-motion dataworsteling

    T-Mobile houdt voet bij stuk. Vaste lezers van mijn datadagboek weten dat ik sinds begin dit jaar in een soort van extreme slow-motion dataworsteling verzeild geraakt. Vandaag m’n nieuwste belevenissen in dit meerdelige avontuur.

  • Emancipation of the Internet

    Technology is the language of modern communication, we all have to learn it, guard it, and rediscover its beauty as we’d do when reading an old book. The Internet is the embodiment of our freedom. Programmers can straighten up its spine and we, the security geeks, can strengthen it. You, my friend, are the muscle […]

  • A case for the ban-opticon by F. Stalder

    From the Nettime mailinglist came this post which I want to remember and therefore post on my blog. It was written in reaction to a link posted by P. Riemens: Thanks to the author Felix Stalder The concept of the panopticon has been very popular ever since Foucaultelevated it to the rank of a central […]