Raspberry Pi + services

Those who met me the last 3 months know I have a Raspberry Pi. It is one of my pet subjects and I seize many opportunities to talk about it.

The wonderful little computer really gives me a lot of pleasure and learning Debian, setting up servers and generally just playing with the Command Line Interface. Something still alien for me having grown-up in the Apple world.

Currently I am setting it up at home and use it to get more into, as said, Debian. But also OpenVPN, LAMP and such. In the end I’d like to experiment hosting a small range of nifty services for me and my closest friends and relatives. Luckily I also have acces to a full blow VPS must any of these turn into a succes 🙂

So far I am breaking new ground with Irssi, Screen and with Baïkal

In the meanwhile, keep an eye on kadr.nl and let me know if you have nice projects you know that fit on a Pi. I keep my own To Pi List here.