Month: June 2014

  • Okkipi Forum

    Today I continued a project started earlier; a forum for the Okkipi group. This is a group people seeking to learn more about Linux and the Raspberry Pi and having fun while at it. We meet irregularly and exchange our knowledge to build more or less usefull stuff on top of our nifty machines. Of […]

  • I am on Keybase

    Keybase will be a public directory of publicly auditable public keys. All paired, for convenience, with unique usernames. Follow me here #foundprivacy #software

  • Why King George III Can Encrypt

    King George III set aside his quill, having completed secret orders to put down the rebellion. It was imperative that they remain secure, visible only to Generals Gage and Howe. The King opened a cabinet in the wall behind him, revealing hundreds of locks each labelled with the name of a British General. Selecting one […]