When you use a web app today, you usually connect to its developers’ servers. This is backwards, and leaves them in control.

Sandstorm makes it easy to run web apps on your own server. Bring their apps to your data, and make sure they don’t do anything you don’t like.

No command lines, no configuration files. Apps are installed through an app-store-like web interface. And, most importantly, every app runs in a separate secure sandbox, so an evil app cannot take down your server.

Sandstorm is Open Source Software. You can find the code and installation instructions at Github. You will need a Linux machine and an understanding of Linux system administration to set up your server, but you can then share that server with friends and family who do not know Linux.

Photography has become a networked process. It no longer ends with pasting prints into an album. Instead, making them public through services like Flickr is rapidly becoming one of the main ways how we treat our visual memories. The photographic process extends from preserving a moment to an act of telecommunication, with numerous implications on how we perceive reality, how we make our memories and how we create a narrative from it.

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