Month: June 2012

  • Twitter embed testing in WordPress 3.4

    As of version 3.4 WordPress supports the embedding of twitter messages. Although it they showcase it with https in the screenshot, it only works when omitting the s and only use http. Here is an example: #embed #lookingforsolutions #software #twitter

  • My rant against the new Facebook plugin on

    You’re serious?! You are using Open Source and free software only to hand over all of your data in the blink of an eye to Facebook?! Somehow people need to understand that the monolith of Facebook needs to be stopped; they are literary in the smallest veins of the internet, surveilling and controlling it’s pulse. […]

  • DIY identities

    The Status Project. Our identity is constructed as human beings, that can possess one or more natural persons straw men and control one or more artificial persons corporations. Lower class human beings possess one severely reduced natural person and no control of an artificial person. Middle class human beings possess one natural person and perhapscontrol […]

  • Some fun security software from @moxie

    Click this link #diy #foundprivacy #lookingforsolutions #security #software

  • Password Meter

    Test de sterkte van je wachtwoorden via Password Meter – A visual assessment of password strengths and weaknesses. #diy #security #software

  • WordPress › Cookie Control « WordPress Plugins

    I just added this plugin. Will see how it works. I actually don;t use cookies, but I do use Piwik to make sure no-one is visiting this site. WordPress › Cookie Control « WordPress Plugins. #diy #foundprivacy #lawandpolitics #lookingforsolutions #software

  • Call for contributions: Unlike Us Reader :: Institute of Network Cultures Blog

    Call for contributions: Unlike Us Reader :: Institute of Network Cultures Blog. #presentations

  • Chaosradio über ACTA

    Hier gibts es ne schönen Sendung von Chaosradio über ACTA. Mit ne Beitrag aus Holland 😉 #acta #chaosradio #lawandpolitics #presentations