Speaking Preferences

This is small list of preferences/requirements that will make my speaking job easier:

  • I prefer to use a computer that is already connected to the beamer (so not my own).
  • My presentation is in PDF format. This means proper PDF reader software will need to be installed on that computer.
  • I do not need an Internet connection during my presentation, but do need one for my personal laptop to be able to upload my presentation to the net and make it available right after my presentation.
  • I like working with a confidence monitor and hope one will be available.
  • I don’t like standing behind a lectern.
  • I prefer a lapel mic so my hands can be free.

Finally, I am ok with being recorded during my talk, but I always have two conditions:

I will need to be given a copy of the audio, video or the webinar recording (either as a digital file or on a DVD or something).
The video will need to be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.