Month: October 2012

  • Gratis docu over je privacy

    Panopticon – de docu over jouw privacy from PV producties on Vimeo. #docu #facebook #foundprivacy #lawandpolitics #lookingforsolutions #presentations #privacy #security #video

  • The state of alternative social networks | Axel’s Blog

    So what’s the state of social network alternatives … right now the situation is outright  depressing. has failed to become the new Twitter for years, despite a superior feature set and full Twitter integration. The next Facebook is not even a dot on the horizon –  just one thing is certain, Diaspora’s NOT it. […]

  • Users from China and Hong Kong have reported that the popular mobile phone message service WeChat, a product of the Chinese web service company Tencent, has censored [zh] sensitive keywords such as the name of recently ousted political leader “Bo Xilai.” Users are asked by the application service to “readjust your text before sending your […]

  • Mesh Network with Drones

    #diy #drones #lookingforsolutions #meshnetwork #piratebay

  • Parallella: A Supercomputer For Everyone by Adapteva — Kickstarter

    Parallella: A Supercomputer For Everyone by Adapteva — Kickstarter. Making parallel computing easy to use has been described as “a problem as hard as any that computer science has faced”. With such a big challenge ahead, we need to make sure that every programmer has access to cheap and open parallel hardware and development tools. […]

  • The End of Crypto

    #cryptography #diy #endofcyrpto #foundprivacy #gpg #pgp #presentations #ziitrain

  • Save the world?

    #diy #facebook #foundprivacy #gaengenviertel #plakat #poster

  • The crypto dream

    We’re living in a world where it’s possible to visit Tokyo without ever leaving your bed, and where governments go to war with software rather than tanks. Yet in some ways the real future is more Stephen King than William Gibson. The plane landed; nobody was on board.[…]There are a few amazingly bright spots in […]

  • Amanda Todd’s mother responds to bullied teen’s video as suicide probe grows

    Todd’s notes said the man ordered her to “put on a show for me,” or he would send around the webcam pictures. Todd said he knew her address, her school, her friends and her family.She said she was later alerted by police that he had followed through with the threat. “I then got really sick,” […]

  • PREAMBLE I recognize technology as a product of human effort, a product serving no other purpose than to benefit man in general, not merely some men; man in the totality of his humanity, encompassing all his manifold interests and needs, not merely some one particular concem of his. Humanistically viewed, technology is not an end […]