RSS – Selfhosted

So. In case you missed it. Google Reader is Dead.

Time to fullfill an old lived dream: having my self-hosted RSS reader. At first glance there seems to be only one viable option: FeedaFever: it is the only other service that will sync with my beloved Reeder. But it costs $30,-. Looks promising tough.

But on second glance there are more:

NewsBlur – Way to difficult for me. Requires Django, Celery & RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Pymongo, & Mongoengine, PostgreSQL

RSSMinder – Also not user friendly enough for me. I don’t do software whos installation instructions starts with: “Install Dependencies leiningen, JDK7(JDK6 works), Redis, MySQL, sass, rake

CartularyINSTALL: The software will run on any unix-like system with a LAMP stack fairly easily, but it installs and upgrades easiest on Unbuntu 12 LTS. That’s what is assumed in the install documentation. Running on any other system will require installing by hand, which is not hard.

Selfoss Looks great! Easy installation, polished interface; I am gonna try this one!

Tiny Tiny RSSWas going to try this but something went *boink* during installation and I got ill tempered (and saw Selfoss then).

FeedHQ Nah, too difficult.

And then there is the, still in development, promise of a news reader build on top of OwnCloud.

But the most important question will be: will it work with the enormous amount of readers out there? Most importantly for me; Reeder.
There is a great write-up about what is needed in general for Google Reader replacements; SUPPORT THE GOOGLE READER API!.

Any other good ideas for self-hosted replacements? Please let me know in the comments or on twitter!