The mud puddle test

The mud puddle testYou don’t have to dig through Apple’s ToS to determine how they store their encryption keys. There’s a much simpler approach that I call the ‘mud puddle test’:

  • First, drop your devices in a mud puddle. 
  • Next, slip in said puddle and crack yourself on the head. When you regain consciousness you’ll be perfectly fine, but won’t for the life of you be able to recall your device passwords or keys.
  • Now try to get your cloud data back. Did you succeed? If so, you’re screwed.

Or to be a bit less dramatic, I should say: your cloud provider has access to your ‘encrypted’ data, as does the government if they want it, as does any rogue employee who knows their way around your provider’s internal policy checks.

via A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering.



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