Month: September 2013

  • xkcd: Enlightenment

    via xkcd: Enlightenment. #lookingforsolutions #xkcd

  • NSA/Snowden Timeline

    This is a little timeline I made based on the information from Al Jazeera. June 5, 2013Guardian announces leak of classified NSA documents June 6, 2013PRISM exposed to American public June 7, 2013American cyber-attack list uncovered

  • The Middle East? It’s complicated…


  • Get started with Etherpad (Manual)

    Flossmanuals released (already sometime ago) a manual to get started with Etherpad. It is handy for both people who want to run their own installation, or the users of an etherpad installation. Etherpad is a real time collaborative editor. Etherpad can and has been used for the following: Taking minutes for online or offline meetings, […]