So What Do We Do Now? by Gurstein

Evgeny Morozov in an otherwise interesting piece in the Financial Times is surely incorrect in his bald statement that “Snowden now faces a growing wave of surveillance fatigue among the public”.  The emotion isn’t “surveillance fatigue” but rather shell shock at the revelations as they keep coming, in wave after uncomfortable wave.  The first reaction of course was shock (and awe), the second was a feeling of anger and rising resistance. But as the revelations have kept coming, each one more disturbing than the last; but now shifting from pointing to quantity of surveillance (everything, everyone, everywhere, forever), to quality (from metadata to communications content to networking to instantaneous full-spectrum profiling); the emotion is now–what on earth can we do–this is impossible, democracy or even any form of popular sovereignty is at immediate risk, but what on earth can we do?

via So What Do We Do Now? Living in a Post-Snowden World | Gurstein’s Community Informatics.



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