Encrypted server – The problem

I want an encrypted server.

– I want to store data of people I don’t know. If someone physically obtains my server, I don’t want them to get all the stuff on it.

Where to start?
– Asking people if this is even possible… How do you combine sharing stuff and privacy?
– How do I make a server with my pictures that I can access from anywhere, but is encrypted for the rest of the world?

Woop, Woop, netneutraliteit is een feit!

Vanavond is het wetsvoorstel tot wijziging van de Telecomwet aangenomen door de Eerste Kamer. We hebben dus – en we zeggen het nog maar eens- als tweede land ter wereld netneutraliteit vastgelegd in de wet! Een historisch moment voor internetvrijheid in Nederland! Al met al was het een lange dag met een mooi einde. We vatten het tweede deel van het debat van vanavond nog voor je samen.

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It seems it had fallen to us to break a little bad news. Here it is.

– We are not progressing from a primitive era of centralized social media to an emerging era of decentralized social media, the reverse is happening.

– Surveillance and control of users is not some sort of unintended consequence of social media platforms, it is the reason they exist.

– Privacy is not simply a consumer choice, it is a matter of power and privilege.

Building a WordPress Security Plugin: The Basics | Wptuts

WordPress is open source, which means that everyone, including hackers with a malicious intent, can scour the source code looking for holes in its security. In this set of tutorials, we will be going through the process of creating a WordPress plugin to detect and fix any security flaws that may lie in your WordPress installation.

Eben Moglen Yells for Having Facebook

The data is a privacy issue because we have an enormous ecological disaster created by badly-designed social media now being used by people to control and exploit human beings in all sorts of ways.

That’s the consequence of social media structures which encourage people to share using centralized databases, and everything they share is held by someone who is no friend of theirs who also runs the servers and collects the logs which contain all the information about who accesses what, the consequences of which is that we are creating systems of comprehensive surveillance in which a billion people are involved and those people’s lives are being lived under a kind of scrutiny which no secret police service is the 20th century could ever have aspired to achieve. And all of that data is being collected and sold by people whose goal it is to make a profit selling the ability to control human beings by knowing more about themselves than they know. Okay? That’s true of all this information all the time everywhere. The thing you’re working on is simply one of 100,000 implications of that disaster.

The Article.

The EFF on the iFreedom Conference: State Leaders on the Future of Free Expression Online | Electronic Frontier Foundation

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via iFreedom Conference: State Leaders on the Future of Free Expression Online | Electronic Frontier Foundation.