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  • 2 billion connected, 1 billion on Facebook

    There were 2.3 billion Internet users worldwide at the end of 2011, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, Wu Hongbo, said in his address to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), which opened in Baku, Azerbaijan. In addition, mobile broadband reached more than 1 billion subscriptions, while the use of fixed broadband was estimated […]

  • The state of alternative social networks | Axel’s Blog

    So what’s the state of social network alternatives … right now the situation is outright  depressing. has failed to become the new Twitter for years, despite a superior feature set and full Twitter integration. The next Facebook is not even a dot on the horizon –  just one thing is certain, Diaspora’s NOT it. […]


    Not my own making or even installation, but on a trusted server nonetheless. Are there still people thinking that Diaspora makes a viable alternative to faceboogle? Sign up for a free and direct account here: DIASPORA* right here. #diaspora #diy #faceboogle #lookingforsolutions #socialnetworkalternatives

  • Privacy, Moglen, @ioerror, #rp12

    It seems it had fallen to us to break a little bad news. Here it is. – We are not progressing from a primitive era of centralized social media to an emerging era of decentralized social media, the reverse is happening. – Surveillance and control of users is not some sort of unintended consequence of […]