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  • Bunting on customer feedback

    If goods and services are extended to people globally, we can expect feedback in return. If these goods and services are marketed by force, as for example in Iraq, then we can expect a violent customer returns. From the status project #heathbunting #lawandpolitics

  • Heath Bunting on the hierarchy between the physical and the virtual

    Before the Internet, you knew where your virtual body was – it was at the tax office or the police station, or at school. And if a revolution did take place you could go and burn those records, but now people put all their data on different platforms and different machines and think it’s fun. […]

  • DIY identities

    The Status Project. Our identity is constructed as human beings, that can possess one or more natural persons straw men and control one or more artificial persons corporations. Lower class human beings possess one severely reduced natural person and no control of an artificial person. Middle class human beings possess one natural person and perhapscontrol […]