Heath Bunting on the hierarchy between the physical and the virtual

Before the Internet, you knew where your virtual body was – it was at the tax office or the police station, or at school. And if a revolution did take place you could go and burn those records, but now people put all their data on different platforms and different machines and think it’s fun. All the hype about Twitter and online identities is nothing new, except now it’s on a different platform whereas before it would have been on a stone tablet. But what happens if the police knock on you door, as they do in Iran or elsewhere and even in the UK, and say, ‘You’ve been on these websites and are involved with certain activities so now we’re arresting you’. So, the virtual is more important, because it’s actually becoming more difficult for people to see their traces. Their actual true nature gets misrepresented or codified or enslaved through the Internet. Things happen in a much more sophisticated way, whereas before you could burn a piece of paper or tear it up: Goodbye body.

From: http://www.skor.nl/nl/site/item/interview-heath-bunting

DIY identities

The Status Project.

Our identity is constructed as human beings, that can possess one or more natural persons straw men and control one or more artificial persons corporations.

  • Lower class human beings possess one severely reduced natural person and no control of an artificial person.
  • Middle class human beings possess one natural person and perhapscontrol one artificial person.
  • Upper class human beings possess multiple natural persons and control numerous artificial persons with skillful separation and interplay.

The status project is surveying these class systems of human being management and is producing maps of influenceand personal portraits for both comprehension and mobility.The status project is also producing new british natural person identities and running a series of european workshops in which people can build their own natural persons.

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