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  • Praten over Facebook

    Bij radio 1 op 22 juni 2015 #facebook #facebookfarewellparty #link #lookingforsolutions #nos #radio1

  • Redecentralize · taking back the net

    A series of interviews with the makers of decentralized net infrastructure, apps and protocols. #link #lookingforsolutions

  • OnlyOffice: File editing and sharing online

    Nowadays company employees are often dispersed across the globe and collaboration tools turn out to be of current importance in achieving shared goals. OnlyOffice is a platform for small and medium business that enables teams to manage projects, customer relations and documents in one place. Linux users can take advantage of open source version and […]

  • libreboard

    #link #lookingforsolutions

  • Telescope: An open-source social news app built with Meteor

    #link #lookingforsolutions #software

  • ownStaGram

    Photo-Sharing with OwnStaGram: a free photo-sharing software which allows to upload photos from within this site and an available android-app. Every picture can be shared via an unique url. #link #lookingforsolutions #software

  • Shaarli

    You want to share the links you discover? Shaarli is a minimalist delicious clone you can install on your own website. It is designed to be personal (single-user), fast and handy. #foundprivacy #link #software

  • Known – IndieWebCamp

    Known is an open publishing / community platform project. It aims to be a simple, beautiful way to share your story using a variety of media from any device. It adheres to the IndieWeb technologies and principles. #link #lookingforsolutions

  • Sandstorm

    When you use a web app today, you usually connect to its developers’ servers. This is backwards, and leaves them in control. Sandstorm makes it easy to run web apps on your own server. Bring their apps to your data, and make sure they don’t do anything you don’t like. No command lines, no configuration […]

  • Commotion: Let’s get Meshy!

    WHAT’S COMMOTIONCommotion, is an open source “device-as-infrastructure” communication platform that integrates users’ existing cell phones, Wi-Fi enabled computers, and other wireless-capable devices to create community- and metro-scale, peer-to-peer communications networks. HOW IT WORKSCommotion is organized and maintained by community members to fit their needs. It can act as a backbone for last-mile infrastructure, a local […]