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After yesterday’s successful and prompt installation of piwik, I want to try more nice software that promises to be easy to install: meet an Open Source alternative to twitter.

Of course, this is only going to fly if I can get it to work with twitter to some extend. My attempt to lure everyone from Facebook to Diaspora* was a complete failure and I have no reason to believe getting people to leave twitter will be easier.

Thimbl – Free Open Source Distributed Micro-blogging

Thimbl – Free Open Source Distributed Micro-blogging.

Thimbl is a Manifesto for the Open Web written in code

The most significant challenge the open web will need to overcome is not technical, it is political.

Welcome to Thimbl, the free, open source, distributed micro-blogging platform. If you’re weary of corporations hi-jacking your updates to make money, or if being locked in to one micro-blogging platform tires you — well, then Thimbl is for you!