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  • Diversity Talk at HopeX

    On Sunday 20 July 2014 I gave a talk at the HopeX conference in New York. This is the integral text:To see it back, go here: So what can we conclude after more then a year of Snowden revelations? Snowden coudn’t have more clear in his speech yesterday: everything we do is recorded. We are […]

  • Phones as swords, lovers, robots and spies

    Highlighting the diversity of perception and perspective when it comes to mobile media, Freitas first spoke of the phone as a sword, with users now gaining great potential to change, damage and restrict existing structures every time they take hold of these ostensibly innocuous devices. Then there is the idea of the mobile as something […]

  • Unlike us komt d’r aan!

    Unlike Us #3 is een tweedaagse conferentie georganiseerd door het Instituut voor Netwerkcultuur van de Hogeschool van Amsterdam met workshops, een hackathon en een real life feest. Op 22 en 23 maart 2013 spreken internationale onderzoekers, programmeurs, ontwerpers en kunstenaars over social media: de monopolies en alternatieven. kijk op de website voor meer info #lookingforsolutions […]

  • Delivery for Mr. Assange

    Brilliant peace of Media-art by Bitnik. They send a parcel by mail to Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Inside the parcel were batteries, a phone with gps and internet and a camera tracking the entire route to the ambassy. And it ended perfectly with Julian giving a small show showing cards with […]

  • Gratis docu over je privacy

    Panopticon – de docu over jouw privacy from PV producties on Vimeo. #docu #facebook #foundprivacy #lawandpolitics #lookingforsolutions #presentations #privacy #security #video

  • The End of Crypto

    #cryptography #diy #endofcyrpto #foundprivacy #gpg #pgp #presentations #ziitrain

  • 26/6 | Me, Myself and I //or// How to make your own new identity – 20:00 : Schijnheilig

    An evening on identity, technology and crossing borders. Heath Bunting is presenting his Status Project: an experiment in creating real and new identity for yourself or anyone else.We will explore the technological challenges and social consequences of this endeavor. Also we will look into possible real-world applications if people can have a new or more […]

  • Call for contributions: Unlike Us Reader :: Institute of Network Cultures Blog

    Call for contributions: Unlike Us Reader :: Institute of Network Cultures Blog. #presentations

  • Chaosradio über ACTA

    Hier gibts es ne schönen Sendung von Chaosradio über ACTA. Mit ne Beitrag aus Holland 😉 #acta #chaosradio #lawandpolitics #presentations

  • Surprising Lack Of Dissent In ACTA Debate | Tech the Future

    ‘Acta is dead in the water but there will be another attempt at regulation. What worries me is the way these people are thinking. They insist on imposing old methods on a new era and they’re destroying the Open Web with their stubbornness. We must look at solutions. The creative commons license, Wikipedia and Kickstarter […]