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  • Privacy is een functie van veiligheid

    – Dit blog verscheen eerder bij Data denkers, een site van het Rathenau Instituut. –Deze week bleek dat zelfs de mobiele telefoon van Angela Merkel wellicht doel was van de aftappraktijken van de NSA. Douwe Schmidt vraagt zich af of het opgeven van onze privacy wel daadwerkelijk bijdraagt aan een veiligere samenleving, en waar wij […]

  • Pseudonymous data should not be exempted from data protection

    Whether a data record refers to me by name, or by email address, or by a strong pseudonym that cryptographically prevents the pseudonym to be linked to me does not really matter. The data refers to me, and the data will be used, within that context, to judge me, make decisions about me, etc. via […]

  • Gratis docu over je privacy

    Panopticon – de docu over jouw privacy from PV producties on Vimeo. #docu #facebook #foundprivacy #lawandpolitics #lookingforsolutions #presentations #privacy #security #video

  • Users from China and Hong Kong have reported that the popular mobile phone message service WeChat, a product of the Chinese web service company Tencent, has censored [zh] sensitive keywords such as the name of recently ousted political leader “Bo Xilai.” Users are asked by the application service to “readjust your text before sending your […]

  • Privacy, Moglen, @ioerror, #rp12

    It seems it had fallen to us to break a little bad news. Here it is. – We are not progressing from a primitive era of centralized social media to an emerging era of decentralized social media, the reverse is happening. – Surveillance and control of users is not some sort of unintended consequence of […]