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After yesterday’s successful and prompt installation of piwik, I want to try more nice software that promises to be easy to install: meet an Open Source alternative to twitter.

Of course, this is only going to fly if I can get it to work with twitter to some extend. My attempt to lure everyone from Facebook to Diaspora* was a complete failure and I have no reason to believe getting people to leave twitter will be easier.


I just discovered OwnCloud and ThinkUp. They both look like neat solutions to many problems I had. Going to tinker around with them and will let you know what I think of them sooner or later

Owncloud – use it to create your own cloud to backup files, sync a calender or create your own shortlinks for using them in twitter instead of

ThinkUp – Analyze your twitter, faceboogle status, updates, new friends and loads of other statistics from your own server.