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  • Discussion with @ICTRecht and @photomatt on Privacy and Jetpack

    I like how twitter enables you to communicate with people you would normally never have a conversation with. Here is a screenshot of a dialogue I had with @ICTRecht en @photomatt (Matt Mullenweg: the founder of WordPress) “@photomatt: WP 3.4 and Jetpack Comments:” @ictrecht does jetpack violate the new cookie-law? #nicefeature #2ndthoughts — dosch […]

  • Twitter embed testing in WordPress 3.4

    As of version 3.4 WordPress supports the embedding of twitter messages. Although it they showcase it with https in the screenshot, it only works when omitting the s and only use http. Here is an example: #embed #lookingforsolutions #software #twitter


    Up next:! After yesterday’s successful and prompt installation of piwik, I want to try more nice software that promises to be easy to install: meet an Open Source alternative to twitter. Of course, this is only going to fly if I can get it to work with twitter to some extend. My attempt […]

  • Owncloud

    I just discovered OwnCloud and ThinkUp. They both look like neat solutions to many problems I had. Going to tinker around with them and will let you know what I think of them sooner or later Owncloud – use it to create your own cloud to backup files, sync a calender or create your own […]