SimpleSecure, GPG contactform

SimpleSecure is a plugin that allows you to insert a secure contact form on any page or post. The email message submitted by your visitor is securely encrypted using GPG/PGP, however no binaries are required nor are any shell calls necessary. SimpleSecure includes a pure PHP port of the GPG encryption functions which allows it to run on any server that supports PHP. In other words, you do not need to install GPG or allow shell access to PHP on your server.

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Piwik – Web analytics

Trying to free myself from Google analytics or livestats with Piwik.

It should be pretty easy to install. So Let’s follow the famous 5 minute installation. Sound like it will be just as easy as setting up a WordPress website.

Piwik – Web analytics – Open source.

Update: it works like a charm! No excuses anymore for using Google as your analytics tool! Ah yeah, and there is also a nice plugin to add to WordPress sites to provide visitors with an opt-out button. Gonna test that next.

Building a WordPress Security Plugin: The Basics | Wptuts

WordPress is open source, which means that everyone, including hackers with a malicious intent, can scour the source code looking for holes in its security. In this set of tutorials, we will be going through the process of creating a WordPress plugin to detect and fix any security flaws that may lie in your WordPress installation.