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  • SimpleSecure, GPG contactform

    SimpleSecure is a plugin that allows you to insert a secure contact form on any page or post. The email message submitted by your visitor is securely encrypted using GPG/PGP, however no binaries are required nor are any shell calls necessary. SimpleSecure includes a pure PHP port of the GPG encryption functions which allows it […]

  • WordPress 3.5 is so yesterday 😉

    WordPress 3.5 is so yesterday 😉 #betastyle #software #updateing #wordpress

  • is now on WP3.5 beta 3!

    So you know what’s going on when we crash 😉 Nah, in reality beta releases of WordPress are pretty stable already. WordPress › WordPress 3.5 Beta 3. #beta #lookingforsolutions #software #wordpress

  • Piwik – Web analytics

    Trying to free myself from Google analytics or livestats with Piwik. It should be pretty easy to install. So Let’s follow the famous 5 minute installation. Sound like it will be just as easy as setting up a WordPress website. Piwik – Web analytics – Open source. —-Update: it works like a charm! No […]

  • Building a WordPress Security Plugin: The Basics | Wptuts

    WordPress is open source, which means that everyone, including hackers with a malicious intent, can scour the source code looking for holes in its security. In this set of tutorials, we will be going through the process of creating a WordPress plugin to detect and fix any security flaws that may lie in your WordPress […]