• The Pleasure of Do-It-Yourself Slow Computing | The New Republic

    This blogpost sums up big chunks of the reasons why I set up dosch.it as a blog in the first place. Now my calendars, contacts, and backup files all sync with a free-and-open program called ownCloud, which McClelland maintains on the May First servers. None of that information about me churns through Google anymore. OwnCloud […]

  • Lychee — Self-hosted photo-management done right

    Lychee is a free photo-management tool, which runs on your server or web-space. Installing is a matter of seconds. Upload, manage and share photos like from a native application. Lychee comes with everything you need and all your photos are stored securely. Source: Lychee — Self-hosted photo-management done right #foto #photo #selfhosted #software

  • In deze vijf stappen word je baas in eigen database

    Dit artikel verscheen eerder op decorrespondent.nlMuppeth en Antilope (die privacynicknames gebruiken ze ook tegen elkaar) zitten met hun nog geen jaar oude dochter op me te wachten. We gaan naar binnen bij de LagLab Hacklab, aan de rand van het Amsterdamse Vondelpark. Overal hangen kabels, een deel van het meubilair is gebouwd van oude computers. […]

  • Sticker with an Elephant

    I made a sticker today for Free Press Unlimited and Greenhost to be used during GCCS2015 and hopefully long after. Click the picture to download a PDF so you can print your own! #diy #image #mytext #security #sticker #theelephantintheroom

  • Why the command line is not usable

    #cli #commandline #foundprivacy #interface #quote #tahoelafs

  • privacytools.io

    privacytools.io is a socially motivated website that provides information for protecting your data security and privacy. via privacy tools – encryption against surveillance. #foundprivacy #software

  • SimpleSecure, GPG contactform

    SimpleSecure is a plugin that allows you to insert a secure contact form on any page or post. The email message submitted by your visitor is securely encrypted using GPG/PGP, however no binaries are required nor are any shell calls necessary. SimpleSecure includes a pure PHP port of the GPG encryption functions which allows it […]

  • Redecentralize · taking back the net

    A series of interviews with the makers of decentralized net infrastructure, apps and protocols. #link #lookingforsolutions

  • Maakt Mailpile veilig mailen eindelijk mogelijk?

    Dit artikel verscheen eerder bij decorrespondent.nl De schoorsteen moet roken. Ook bij noeste programmeurs die het internet beter willen beveiligen en het opnemen tegen geheime diensten, criminelen en bedrijven met een onstilbare honger voor privédata. En juist bij idealistische programmeurs wil die schoorsteen niet altijd roken. Vandaag in Red ‘t Web: de opkomst en voorlopige ondergang […]

  • Rhinobird, a new open source live video stream platform

    So, while everyone is talking about #meerkat and #periscope, I am gonna look at Rhinobird.Watch the video here:

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