Christopher Steiner on algorithms

Christopher Steiner, author of Automate This: How Algorithms Came to Rule the World, discusses his new book. Steiner originally set about studying the prevalence of algorithms in Wall Street stock trading but soon found they were everywhere. Stock traders were the first to use algorithms as a substitute for human judgment to make trades automatically, allowing for much faster trading. But now algorithms are used to diagnose illnesses, interpret legal documents, analyze foreign policy, and write newspaper articles. Algorithms have even been used to look at how people form sentences to determine that person’s personality and mental state so that customer service agents can deal with upset customers better. Steiner discusses the benefits–and risks–of algorithmic automation and how it will change the world.

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Fooling Facebook: Telling Lies To Protect Your Privacy

Sounds like a hopelessly naive idea to me…

“With a nod toward Bayes theorem, Ludlow basically wants to confuse the advertisers trying to profile him and the algorithmic machines that are trying to make predictions about him by throwing lots of false information about himself onto their radars. So he’s become a digital Scheherazade, weaving amazing tales about his life”

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Update: this article discusses how social media will be destroyed by lying companies!
Seems like Facebook will be attacked from both users and companies at the same time. Can’t wait to see that happen…

Owning it

In many ways, the whole ownership model just seems poorly suited to duplicable technology. Square peg, pentalobe hole. When we try to force new technology into the old model, our contracts end up sounding really, well, creepy. In fact, some licensing contracts stipulate that the people who sign them are not allowed to talk about what’s written in them. That just doesn’t sound like our best work. Instead of asking, Whose is this, who gets paid for it, and how much?, the conversation might be better reset by asking What is this, who made it, who uses it, and what’s fair?

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Grondig stukje tekst over de Piratebay, auteursrecht en de wet

Al sinds de pianola is er geen enkele innovatie in contentdistributie geweest die uit vrije wil enthousiast omarmd is door de industrie. Ja, DRM.

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