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A lot has changed since the days when the people around Hacktic set up and defined the Dutch hacker scene. The Hang Out made way for a variety of hackerspaces; Hacktic itself is long dead (who needs dead trees to communicate nowadays anyway?) and the crew organizing OHM2013 is a completely different one from the oldies that had set up the Galactic Hacker Party and HIP. In short, we’re looking at a complete new generation of Dutch hackers.

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Phones as swords, lovers, robots and spies

Highlighting the diversity of perception and perspective when it comes to mobile media, Freitas first spoke of the phone as a sword, with users now gaining great potential to change, damage and restrict existing structures every time they take hold of these ostensibly innocuous devices. Then there is the idea of the mobile as something akin to a robot servant, a digital personal assistant so efficacious that we soon develop a dependency. The comforting aspects of the smartphone also lend a sense of companionship to the relationship that exists between user and machine and, as such, its qualities are more readily personified than those associated with static tools. At the same time, many of us feel as though we’re carrying a little enemy around in our pockets, which kills our time and perpetually interrupts our offline activities.

Nathan Freitas @ UnlikeUs


unCloud is an application that enables anyone with a laptop to create an open wireless network and distribute their own information. Once it is launched, a passerby using a mobile internet device can connect to this open wireless network. The person running the application can decide what information is shown in any web address. Users can access information wirelessly while at the same time remain disconnected from the internet. unCloud does not depend on a remote datacenter, instead it can be run from a laptop, making it an ideal application to run in a train or at a café.

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RSS – Selfhosted

So. In case you missed it. Google Reader is Dead.

Time to fullfill an old lived dream: having my self-hosted RSS reader. At first glance there seems to be only one viable option: FeedaFever: it is the only other service that will sync with my beloved Reeder. But it costs $30,-. Looks promising tough.

But on second glance there are more:

NewsBlur – Way to difficult for me. Requires Django, Celery & RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Pymongo, & Mongoengine, PostgreSQL

RSSMinder – Also not user friendly enough for me. I don’t do software whos installation instructions starts with: “Install Dependencies leiningen, JDK7(JDK6 works), Redis, MySQL, sass, rake

CartularyINSTALL: The software will run on any unix-like system with a LAMP stack fairly easily, but it installs and upgrades easiest on Unbuntu 12 LTS. That’s what is assumed in the install documentation. Running on any other system will require installing by hand, which is not hard.

Selfoss Looks great! Easy installation, polished interface; I am gonna try this one!

Tiny Tiny RSSWas going to try this but something went *boink* during installation and I got ill tempered (and saw Selfoss then).

FeedHQ Nah, too difficult.

And then there is the, still in development, promise of a news reader build on top of OwnCloud.

But the most important question will be: will it work with the enormous amount of readers out there? Most importantly for me; Reeder.
There is a great write-up about what is needed in general for Google Reader replacements; SUPPORT THE GOOGLE READER API!.

Any other good ideas for self-hosted replacements? Please let me know in the comments or on twitter!

ownCloud 5 released: a vision realized, a vision expanded

Today we are deciding how the world will look like in the future. We, the IT community, set the course of the train that is called “open society” now and we can decide into which station the train will roll into in 5-10 years. Is it the one where all the people still control their own data and information and can decide who has access to the personal files, photos, contacts, location data, chat messages and other personal information or will we live in a future where all the personal data of all the people in the world are stored on the servers of just a few big organizations and commercial interests, terms of services and secret services decide who has access to the digital life of everybody?

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Drie overgebleven dataweigeraars – Datadagboek #5

Amsterdam, 15 maart 2013Verdrietig wellicht, ontgoocheld ook. Maar niet boos. Nooit boos. Je moet overtuigd zijn van kwade bedoelingen voordat je echt boos kan zijn. Zoals een wijs man ooit eens zei: wijt niet aan slechte intenties wat je ook met domheid kan verklaren. Vandaar dat ik probeer XS4ALL, de ANWB en T-Mobile het voordeel van de twijfel te geven.

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How Facebook could get you arrested

While Facebook might be more effective than police in predicting crime, it cannot be allowed to take on these policing functions without also adhering to the same rules and regulations that spell out what police can and cannot do in a democracy. We cannot circumvent legal procedures and subvert democratic norms in the name of efficiency alone.

Evgeny Morozov

The anti-preneur manifesto | Danielle Leduc

I don’t want to be a designer, a marketer, an illustrator, a brander, a social media consultant, a multi-platform guru, an interface wizard, a writer of copy, a technological assistant, an applicator, an aesthetic king, a notable user, a profit-maximizer, a bottom-line analyzer, a meme generator, a hit tracker, a re-poster, a sponsored blogger, a starred commentator, an online retailer, a viral relayer, a handle, a font or a page. I don’t want to be linked in, tuned in, ‘liked’, incorporated, listed or programmed. 
I don’t want to be a brand, a representative, an ambassador, a bestseller or a chart-topper. I don’t want to be a human resource or part of your human capital.

I don’t want to be an entrepreneur of myself.

Don’t listen to the founders, the employers, the newspapers, the pundits, the editors, the forecasters, the researchers, the branders, the career counselors, the prime minister, the job market, Michel Foucault or your haughty brother in finance – there’s something else!

I want to be a lover, a teacher, a wanderer, an assembler of words, a sculptor of immaterial, a maker of instruments, a Socratic philosopherπ and an erratic muse. I want to be a community center, a piece of art, a wonky cursive script and an old-growth tree! I want to be a disrupter, a creator, an apocalyptic visionary, a master of reconfiguration, 
a hypocritical parent, an illegal download and a choose-your-own-adventure! I want to be a renegade agitator! 
A licker of ice cream! An organizer of mischief! A released charge! A double jump on the trampoline! A wayward youth! A volunteer! A partner.

I want to be a curator of myself, an anti-preneur, a person.

Unlimited availabilities. No followers required. Only friends.

Danielle Leduc

The anti-preneur manifesto | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters.