Month: May 2013

  • Libre Projects

    Find all kinds of Open Source alternatives and cool project on this website! Libre Projects. #software

  • Moxie gets mail (from Saudi-Arabia)

    we are working in defining a way to deal with all such requirements from regulator and it is not only for Whatsapp, it is for whatsapp, line, viber, twitter etc.. So, what we need your support in is the following: is there any technical way that allow for interception these traffic? Is there any company […]

  • We live in an Information Age: What does that actually mean?

    For the vast majority of people, digital changes happen outside of their conscious perception. They are merely confronted with constantly changing demands and requirements for their social life: They need ‘DigiD’s’ for their communication with government institutions; they feel the need to own a smartphone and maintain a Facebook page to keep in touch with […]