Two nodes created!

I made two nodes today. It was very easy thnx to the great documentation.

Each router is a LAN island in an archipelago of affiliated websites.

Anyone within range of an wifi router, with a web-capable pokedex or laptop, can join the network “OCCUPY.HERE,” load the locally-hosted website, and use the message board to connect with other users nearby. The open source forum software offers a simple, mobile-friendly interface where users can share messages and files.

Although it is pretty neat, I have some improvement ideas:

  • An online map with current nodes (maybe on
  • Documentation on how to change the design
  • Syncing between nodes: if two nodes come close to each other it would be cool if they sync messages
  • Documentation on translation possibilities

Further: The current version requires you to go to the exact webpage. Currently This is a problem because, although people connect to the network, they might not know what the site is. Also omitting the ‘http://’ makes modern browsers believe you are just doing a search for and redirects you to an https page of google.
Ideally you get redirected to the correct page as soon as you attempt to go to any site. Just like when you are on on of these public wifi’s where you first have to agree to the terms before they allow you to use their net.

At any rate, keep your eyes open for suspiciously named networks when I am near.