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  • Free Owncloud, Obscuracam and K9mail manuals

    FLOSS Manuals has been working with Internews Europe as part of their Human Rights programme to create some user focused manuals to help communication. Recent security news has shown us that Free Software solutions are the best solutions for many situations. We have been very happy to draw on our past experience of creating and translating manuals […]

  • Aether

    Aether is a distributed network that creates forum–like, anonymous and encrypted public spaces for its constituents. No registration necessary. Get it here. via Aether. #aether #foundprivacy #software

  • #youbroketheinternet

      This summer somebody broke the Internet. We think there are several amazing projects working to fix it. We painted a map of these projects and placed them according to the architectural space they are filling: #youbroketheinternet. #foundprivacy #lookingforsolutions #opendata #software

  • Terms of Service; Didn’t Read

    Terms of Service; Didn’t Read – TOS;DR” is a web service and a browser add-on that help you to understand what is in the Terms Of Service agreements of many online services. It rates different aspects such as whether your data are a business asset, the use of cookies or the scope of the copyright […]

  • / a tiny self-contained darknet

    Each router is a LAN island in an archipelago of affiliated websites. Anyone within range of an wifi router, with a web-capable smartphone or laptop, can join the network “OCCUPY.HERE,” load the locally-hosted website, and use the message board to connect with other users nearby. The open source forum software offers a […]

  • arkOS

    arkOS is a lightweight Linux-based operating system that runs on a Raspberry Pi. But arkOS more than just an operating system — it is a full software stack managing your self-hosting experience in an intuitive and intelligent way. arkOS does the work for you. via arkOS. #diy #foundprivacy #raspberrypi #software

  • Privacy Policy

    Just installed Piwik and wanted to let you know that. #foundprivacy #optout #software

  • How to Keep the NSA Out of Your Computer

    The last-mile problem, it turns out, isn’t just technical or economic: It’s political and even cultural. To repurpose the famous A.J. Liebling statement, internet freedom is guaranteed only to those who own a connection. “And right now, you and me don’t own the internet—we just rent the capacity to access it from the companies that […]

  • Links to remember on PRISM and Snowden

    Hi, What we’re seeing in Der Spiegel, The Guardian, Washington Post andother select publications is the birth of new threat models – not justfor activists but for all of civil society, parliamentarians, companiesand more. This is a threat model that “many have known” and yet at thesame time, there is clearly new stuff. For one […]

  • A recent article by Bruce Sterling explains why, thanks to Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft talking about the Internet stopped making sense in 2012. The article caused the following comment an Italian mailing list: unfortunately, this isn’t news at all… What would be news would be to find alternatives. I answered that comment as […]